Chennai Corporation to introduce App for Smart Parking

By: Himali Singh

Chennai: Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) gearing itself to  introduce an app for smart parking  later this month. Over 4,500 spaces will be marked across Nungambakkam, Anna Nagar, Besant Nagar and Marina Beach.

Equivalent car spaces (ECS) have been marked across Chennai by the civic body, where drivers will be charged premium fees of Rs 40 per ECS. Khader Nawaz Khan road has already been marked with 193 ECS.

M Tamilarasan, director of Toorq Media Services, said, “The smart parking system app alerts of the nearest parking slot and the distance to”. Toorq Media Services is the service provider of the project. It allows the people to check the availability of parking spaces.

However, the app will be limited to showing the location of parking spaces and the number of vacant slots. The details of the fare according to the duration of parking would appear after logging in to the app.

The slots can be booked on the app. P Selvakumar, an official from Chennai Smart City Ltd. said, “Almost all digital platforms can be used for payments but the payment in cash would have an additional amount of Rs 2 to Rs 5 at the ticketing agency. The priority will be given to the digital payments”.

He also said, “The time limit extends to an hour at once. The user will receive an alert for the limited time in 55 minutes. At the end of the given time, user can pay an extra amount for an extension. Data on the duration will be measured at the corporation which will also be reflected on the attendant’s app”.

The areas will be monitored using CCTV cameras. Extension of penalties has also been decided. People parking the vehicles anywhere other than the designated slots will be charged. The penalties start from Rs 80 and beyond. Marina Beach will have an access to free services as a test.