How Apple became the world’s most valuable company


Darshan Sanghvi

The most valuable company in the world is Apple. “$11 billion for the quarter that ended in September on revenue of $51.5 billion”, said Apple. This is more than Google and Microsoft combined ($5.8047 billion) keeping in mind the fact that they have a huge profit ratio in the world.

iPhone is the main reason behind the success of Apple. Apple has increased the actual price of iPhone that allows Cupertino (the headquarters of Apple) to enjoy 39.9 profit margin.

Every customer from the first world countries are eagerly waiting to upgrade to the latest model of Apple. But Apple sees a big opportunity in developing countries and China is one of them. Chinese citizen do not use iPhone because its too expensive for them. China is a developing country hence their economy is developing. Therefore, Apple sees a rapid growth there and will get new customers in the country

Android phones are very popular in the market. Android phones are struggling in the terms of making profit because they have to maintain the competition.

Apple is making huge profits by selling iPhone. This is likely because customer are in need of the model with big screen and more storage space. Though this all features are provided by Android phones but they are struggling in terms of profit. Android phones are more preferable as they get at cheap rate comparing to iPhone. Apple is selling iPhone at higher prices and they have lot of loyal customers. This leads to a disappointment for Android companies.

Why customers are loyal to Apple or highly prefer iPhone rather than Android Phones? The world is moving to technology and customers first preference is to have a good  smartphone. iPhone users have many privileges compared to Android users. iPhone is a luxury phone where every app is developed first. They are wealthy, educated & technologically sophisticated

There’s more to come as Apple holiday shopping season is coming soon. Apple expects to have many more quarters of strong economic performance.



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