Robo-Fruit to help keep fruits fresh

by Karan Kumar

Chennai: A robo-Fruit which can track fruits in their boxes so that they don’t get stale or rotted has been developed by the research and development team of a Swiss firm Empa. The Robot can be converted into any form of fruit and kept in the box to track the temperature.

The robo-fruit contains temperature sensor which tracks the temperature inside the fruit box. The temperature can be tracked and the food keeper can be informed when the temperature goes too high or low.

“We are developing separate sensors for each type of fruit, and even for different varieties,” said project leader Thijs Defraeye.

“Right now they have Jonagold and Braeburn (my favorite) apples, Kent mangoes, oranges (unspecified type, probably navel), and “the classic Cavendish banana.” I’ve never called a banana by name like that, so I’m guessing they mean banana bananas.”

The project leader said the Robo-fruits can be reused unlike fruits and can be produce in masses.

Each of the Robo-Fruit is going to cost $50 and is currently in testing phase.

These bot sensor are going to decreade the wastage of fruits while being transferred from orchards to market.

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