The testimony of female psychology in crime

By Antra Mudgal

CHENNAI: Leading the charge of a male dominated genre, female criminals have increased manifold in the Tamil Nadu Special Prison for Women (SPW).
Summing up to 164 prisoners in 2017, there are 33 convicted female prisoners, 14 detenues and 117 on remand, in the prison.
We live in a tech savvy generation where we focus on a sanitized version of ourselves, forgetting what is surfacing underneath us. Similarly, the upsurge in female crime is attributed to the psychological factor that is driven by the dark secrets that lie at the heart of ostensibly happy relationships.
Female criminals are ordinary women who are driven by certain extraordinary life events where more of them are flawed and conflicted from within and eventually submit themselves to the crime.
Convicted in the Human Trafficking Prevention Act, “Jayashree Jaysrerani, a 43-year-old, is undergoing a psychological breakdown with several behavioral issues at the prison”, says Tamil Arsi, Correctional Officer at the SPW.
Jayashree mumbling in a faint voice says, “I was being tortured physically and mentally by my husband to get hold of minor girls and sell them in exchange of money”.
It is evident that the women who are from economically weaker sections of the society are more susceptible of surrendering themselves to their husband’s wants which leaves their psychology indented forever.
Dr Latha Janaki, a Chennai- based psychologist mentioned, “Lust and love are the only reasons that psychologically alter the mindset of a woman. It is evident that the female criminals’ reasoning and logic is scarred not only when they are inside the prison but also when they come out of the prison”.
While reasoning out intelligence, the creativity of the memory of women surfaces itself while the women discover the most heinous ways to commit crime.
Shanthi, aged 40 who is serving life term easily reveals how she had brutally stabbed her husband along with her lover so as to maintain her illegitimate relationship.
It is depressing to note that the emotional insecurity and the frustration among the women lead them to commit atrocious crimes. These women are the ones who are been driven to crime since they push themselves beyond their limits and bottle up their feelings for a long time.

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