When Bangalore got Slash-ed

In his maiden concert tour, Slash mesmerised the Bangalore crowd to his tunes. BY ABHISHEK NAIR

One leg was suspended mid air. The other one was tangled in what seemed like a hundred others. It was just the opening chords of the first song but the mosh pit was already in full swing. This is expected considering the opening riffs came from Slash.

The mighty Slash was here, performing live in Bangalore along with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. Thousands had thronged the Supernova Arena to witness the original Guitar hero.

The evening was kicked off by the Chennai-based three-piece band- Skrat, who set the tempo with their original hits like ‘Sleeping with the enemy’ and ‘Tin can man. Lead singer Sriram’s frenzied performance had the crowd in his grip. The event was well and truly kicked off.

Skrat performing live at the SuperSonic Arena
Skrat performing live at the SuperSonic Arena.

The sun set and the stage lights shone bright, it was time for the second opening band, one of the oldest in India, Indus Creed. There was a certain magic in the air, when they performed their hits like ‘Celibate’ and ‘Fireflies’. The entire arena was spellbound with the music, and the mood was set. Bangalore was ready.

Slash Slash Slash! That’s all one could hear as soon as Indus Creed finished their magnificent performance.  The wait was borderline frustrating but finally, the countdown had started and the excitement suddenly escalated new heights. Ardent fans couldn’t believe it. “It’s time, He’s finally here, this is a dream come true,” screamed a fan amidst all the noise.

Indus Creed captured the crowd with it's psychedelic performance
Indus Creed captured the crowd with its psychedelic performance.

3..2..1 the screen displayed, the curtains fell and there he was, in red and black, with his signature hat, the man himself, Slash started riffing ‘You’re a lie’ and the crowd went crazy. The energy was immense, mosh pits had started in different corners of the crowd, and the evening was set to be a memorable one for everyone in the arena.

He covered hits from his Guns n’ Roses days like Nightrain’, ‘Back from Cali’ and ‘You could be mine’. Slash had the Bangalore crowd dancing to his tunes, head banging and jumping. The evening was turning out to be one to remember for years to come.

“When Slash played songs from Guns n’ Roses, I couldn’t help but remember all the music that he and Axl Rose had bowled us over with, in the 1990’s. Even though Myles Kennedy is an amazing singer, there are some songs which have Axl Rose written all over it. I wish we get to see them together one more time,” said Vimal Sankar, a software engineer in Bangalore.

One of the highlights of the night had to be Todd Kerns singing the super hit ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. His rendition of the hit was undoubtedly one of the iconic moments of the night.  There was hardly anyone in the crowd who didn’t join the chorus with Todd Kerns.

All those times when Slash would break out into his epic guitar solos supported by drummer Bernt Fritz, the energy was just surreal. “I still can’t believe that’s him, Look at him play,” screamed a very emotional Slash fan.

No Slash concert is complete without a certain song that has enthralled fans across the world over the years. The time had finally come. Slash’s very familiar opening riffs had begun and the crowd had already gone crazy. The drums kicked in and the crowd was up in the air fist-bumping the sky and screaming like there was no tomorrow. Kennedy’s vocals were barely heard considering that there were nearly 6,000 people singing along. “WOAH-OH-OH SWEET CHILD O’MINE!” the crowd sang as the icon played his signature tune flawlessly.

There was no measure to the energy of the crowd when Slash performed
There was no measure to the energy of the crowd when Slash performed.

They were done, but the Bangalore crowd wasn’t. Even after they played Velvet Revolver’s ‘Slither’, said all the goodbyes and left the stage. “Once more, once more, once more” the crowd roared in unison. Nobody had left the arena.

There it was, the familiar opening riffs of ‘Paradise city’ and again the crowd was up and jumping. Slash and The Conspirators were back for an Encore. This very famous number was the icing on the epic night that MTV had brought to Bangalore.

“I still can’t believe I saw Slash, Myles and Todd live! It just seems so surreal. Slash was there, a couple of feet from where I was. He was right there! I don’t think I’ll ever get over this feeling,” exults Mary Pascaline, a very zealous Slash fan.

Slash, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators surely rocked the Bangalore stage and with a promise of coming back soon, they signed off to a perfect evening of Rock n’ Roll.



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