Holistic Education: 5 NGOs that help Ekal Foundation build the Hindutva dream

Lesser explored NGOs which assist the Ekal foundation in changing the narrative on education.


The role of the BJP in mobilising Dalits and tribals have been talked about a lot. It is incomplete without how the cadre party is focusing on changing the definition of education in the country. Vidyalaya, Take a look at some of the non-governmental organisations which support the Ekal foundation, which is showing rapid growth in rural and tribal areas.

  1. Friends of Tribal Society (FTS)

Founded in 1989, a year after the setup of Ekal Vidyalaya, the NGO claims to commit itself to help the underprivileged tribal and rural people in the country. In 2003, the then HRD minister Murali Manohar Joshi appreciated FTS for its role in identifying the youth and training them in pedagogy. The minister was also involved in controversies during his tenure for trying to Indianise,Nationalise and Spiritualise the education system. 

2. Ekal Gramothan Foundation (EGF) 

The website of EGF acknowledges its role in integrating a holistic approach in education. It focuses on skill development, digital education, food processing training among others. The organisation says its vision is to empower Tribal Bharat. During the COVID-19 crisis, EGF volunteers or Ekal arogya sevikas took part in the Ekal Abhiyan, providing information and awareness. One million masks were also distributed to officials in the public sector.

3.  Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad (BLSP)

It was founded in the year 2000 with an aim to bridge the gap between rural and urban India and empower social and economic aspects as the ‘New face of India’. The mission is to provide non-formal education through cost effective One Teacher schools.It also includes cultural and spiritual awareness. Plays are also conducted by the BLSP to promote such missions.In January, the BLSP conducted ‘Ekal ke Ram’ to make people understand the relevance of Lord Ram in today’s context. 

4. Cultural society of Tribals/Sri Hari Satsang Samiti (SHSS)

When you open the website of SHSS, you’ll read “Where illiteracy is darkness, light a lamp there. With love and a soft approach, cultivate culture in them”. It is followed by a testimonial from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagawat. The Ekal foundation website says the goal is to eradicate social evils like liquor and tobacco addiction and blur the caste lines. The goal of the organisation is to build cultural centres in 4 lakh tribal villages and to incorporate  40 crore Vanvasi communities into the urban space.

5. Ekal Sansthan

The goal of Ekal Sansthan is to disseminate information about the work Ekal foundation is doing and provide a space for ideas to change the rural and tribal landscape of the country in the 60,000 villages across India.