Inside the Syrian Civil War



Syria is a country in the middle east known for one of the biggest battlefields in the world today. Syrian civil war, which was initially started as an anti-incumbency movement, against the regime of President ‘Bashar Al Assad’, turned out into a multi-sided civil war. Syrian civil war turned into a proxy war amongst nations such as the United States, Russia, Tukey, Iran, and other Militant groups of Syria and the Middle East.

How did the war start?

In 2011 the Arab spring in Middle East countries rose and led to the eviction of dictators in Africa (Tunisia and Egypt), and the middle east. A young Syrian schoolboy named Mouawiya Syasneh wrote a graffiti “Next you Doctor Assad” on the wall of his hometown ‘Derra’.

This graffiti led to some serious consequences and ‘Mouawaiya’ along with his friends were arrested and tortured by the Police. After the arrest of young boys, violent protests erupted that were followed by Arab Springs against the regime of President Bashar Al Assad’.

Protest in Syria against Assad grew massively and rapidly. Within a couple of days, thousands of protestors hit the streets of Damascus and Aleppo. Along with the release of Moouawaiya and other political prisoners, the protestors also demanded the removal of Bashar Al Assad.

Bashar Al Assad retaliated by suppressing the protestors with armed forces. This eventually led to a full-fledged war between protestors and Bashar Al Assad.

Protestors once again hit the streets on March 20th, 2011 and vandalized several Government buildings including Headquarters of Baath Party.

This Protest again became violent and turned out into a battle between armed forces and protestors, The ensuing clashes claimed the lives of seven police officers and 15 protesters. Ten days later in a speech, President Bashar Al Assad blamed “foreign conspirators” pushing Israeli propaganda for the protests.

The claim of President Bashar Al Assad of “foreign conspirators” turned out to be true and several other nations got involved in the Syrian civil war. The ground of Syria became the battlefield for the proxy war amongst the nations to prove their supremacy and hegemony in the Middle East.

Who is involved in Multi-sided civil war?

To know who all is involved in the Syrian Civil war and about their involvement click on animated icons.

It has been nine years since the protest began in Syria but the civil war is yet to come to its conclusion.