Interpol Elections: Kim Jong-yang takes over the reins as Interpol president

Edited by Shivani Ramakrishnan (sourced from BBC)

Chennai, November 21, 2018








Source: Google Images

South Korea’s Kim Jong-yang was elected as the president of the Interpol today after elections were held during the international organisation’s annual congress meet at Dubai.


Kim was chosen by the Interpol’s 194 member states and beat Alexander Prokopchuk, a Russian frontrunner for the post. Prokopchuk had been accused of abusing Interpol’s arrest warrant system, while Moscow defended him and hit back at the alleged ‘campaign aimed at discrediting the Russian candidate’.

Kim (57), the former head of police of Gyeonggi, South Korea, had been serving as acting president of the Interpol following the disappearnace of former president, Meng Hongwei. He will now serve as president for the next two years.

“Our world is now facing unprecedented changes which present huge challenges to public security and safety. To overcome them, we need a clear vision: we need to build a bridge to the future”, said Kim upon his election.

The election came on the heels of the disappearance of its former president Meng Hongwei in China in September this year. Beijing has since confirmed that Meng is under investigation for allegedly taking bribes.


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